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Social media & Rep management.

business leaders and athletes are expected to juggle so many aspects of day to day operations including your online presence. The result is you becoming frustrated and your social media becomes stale and unprofessional. We fix that issue and bring life to your brand with an amazing ROI. Underdog assists your company with building or repairing your brand through social media, reviews, and customer engagement.

Content Creation

If social media is king then content is queen and we know a happy wife is a happy life. Content is what brings your online presence to life and is a vital investment. From videography, graphic design, Instagram posts, photography, etc. we got you covered. Our mission is to make your business or personal brand unforgettable.

Consulting Services

A successful digital marketing campaign starts with a clear strategy.  You’ll need to define your goals, identify your target consumer, and then shape an effective campaign delivered through the right channels. That’s a lot to consider! But many businesses don’t have the in-house expertise or resources to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy and put that strategy into action. which is where we come in.

Latest Work.

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About Us.

Curious About Our Culture?

Founded by a young entrepreneur with the odds set against him, Jacob formed a company by the underdog, for the underdog. So many times whether big or small our companies face challenges that seem beyond us, and that is why Underdog Marketing Group was formed. putting the bite back in the dog by creating a team to take your digital marketing to the next level. 

Underdog Marketing Group is much more than a digital marketing firm, we are a gateway to a thriving online presence. That gateway has been forged by years of experience through our amazing team that never ceases to go above and beyond.

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Founder & CEO

Jacob Bruce

The classic underdog story is something Jacob is no stranger to. This is what motivates him to ensure that his clients always receive exceptional customer support and quality service. Underdogs big or small we understand the importance of top tier work to make your company stand above the rest in this ever changing climate we call digital marketing.

Partner & COO

Mark Bailey

The glue that holds Underdog together, Mark. While our content creators are out working face to face with our clients, Mark is leading our company behind the curtains in all our administrative needs. His talent and the team he leads is what allows us to continue to serve you effectively. 

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